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Kharkiv University of Air Force

Options: English medium available, Russian medium available, Preparatory course available, Low fees, 24/7 medical aid, Accommodation guaranteed, Indian Food, WI-FI, video monitoring in hostel

Kharkiv University of Air Force was found in 1930, on the 12th of November. Located in the city of Kharkiv on the east-northern part of Ukraine, the University is situated in academic center of the country.

Kharkiv University of Air Force was found in 1930, on the 12th of November. Located in the city of Kharkiv on the east-northern part of Ukraine, the University is situated in academic center of the country.

Kharkiv is one of the biggest cities, where more than 40 universities have been established. It is the city, where most of the students from all over Ukraine are studying. It’s a beautiful city, with the moderate climate condition, cultural and entertainment center.

Kharkiv University of Air Force is a state higher education establishment, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science to train aerospace engineers, aviation designers, and computer engineers for fight software.

The academic staff of the University number to 500 highly qualified academicians, with good command of English. Ukrainian students are studying along with international students, who are welcome to apply and study aerospace engineering in Ukraine at Kharkiv University of Air Force. International students get their degree in Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering recognized worldwide, and become best professionals in their future employment.

There are totally 7 majors, 12 specialties and 24 specializations at the University. After graduation from the University international students become highly in demand in following areas: Accident Investigation/Prevention, Aircraft Crew Members, Aircraft Manufacturing, Airport Management, Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Safety, Consulting, Education/Instruction/Training, Ground Support Services, National Security, Logistics, Operations, Management, Air Craft Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Spacecraft Operations, Technical Writing, Transportation and Distribution Services.

Tuition fees

Course Tuition fees English Medium (per year) Tuition fees Russian Medium (per year) Accommodation
Aerospace Maintenance 2200 1800 400-850
Computer Engineering 2200 1800 400-850
Avionics 2200 1800 400-850
Preparatory Course - 1700 400-850

Preparatory Course at the University is a one year Language Course, where international students get basic knowledge before starting the main course. International students may join Preparatory course round a year and study intensive course of local language. International students may register in any faculty to study in Russian after successful completing of preparatory course.

The most significant advantage of Kharkiv University of Air Force is the training equipment and machine practicing. Students, do regular practice in flying by means of flight simulator, which transfer the real atmosphere of navigating an airplane. The infrastructure and facilities offered for student flight practicing becomes unique for Kharkiv and all Ukraine.

Student life at the University is guaranteed followed by sport and culture activities. There is well organized sport management department. The University regular sports sections are as follows: volleyball, indoor soccer, basketball, weight lifting and sports around, unarmed combat, chess, women’s all-around strength. The greatest success has been achieved by teams in volleyball, weight lifting, indoor soccer, and chess.

Each room in the University hostel is secured with the following housing: three-five/one-and-a-half beds, heating, cupboard, refrigerator, TV-set, bath-room (bath/shower, water closet), bedclothes, table, WIFI.

There is also a three-storeyed canteen on the University territory, with modern dining halls and highly skilled service personnel, providing students with high quality meals suitable for different cultures and religions. Meanwhile there are more then 50 ethnical Ukrainian cuisine dishes available for international students to taste.

University campus occupies a big territory near by the University. It’s composed of the University hostel (of a hotel type), sport department, library, university museum and palace of culture. Those all buildings have been designed to complete the full and comfort student life, for both Ukrainian and international students.

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