Management of Business Administration

The main target of master's program is to teach students in area of business management and to provide practical skills in organizational management, analysis, consulting, design and research activities.

The main purpose of such specialist – to make planning, guiding and coordinating of the various activities in the field of management, analysis, modeling and optimization of business processes and the structure of enterprise in general.

The master's program "Management of Organization" provides the competency, which enable, graduates to evaluate the current market situation and develop the strategy of firms behavior.

The training is focused on management of business processes at the enterprise and on the strategy development projects.

The master’s program aims to train masters for future work in economic, financial, analytical organizations of different legal forms, industries and activities, research organizations.

The key target of the program – to train managers capable to solve problems of modern business. The activity of graduates involved with the decision-making for business performance management, corporate systems, architecture, reorganization and optimization business process.

Why choose this course?

The graduates of the program have such benefits as:

  1. Possession of complex knowledge and skills in economics, management, which meet modern requirements of international and national labor markets;
  2. A broad list of occupation for graduates. It is opportunity to find employment on senior position in enterprises of any form of incorporation, economic sectors, local government;
  3. High level of knowledge and practical skills using modern technologies of teaching;
  4. Gain in professional experience which achieve career development, personal advancement ensuing social standing and well-being;
  5. Fine grain of self-organization as a part of good management in professional environment.
Main subjects: Business Management; Change Management; Project Management; Financial Management; Production Management; Innovative Development of Enterprise; Development Management of Enterprise.

Job perspectives

Graduates Management of Organization are qualified for various types of jobs. They may find work in national and international companies, non-profit organizations or government institutions. Some examples of positions are project manager, financial officer and junior organization advisor in the field of quality management.