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Kharkiv International Medical University

Options: English medium available

Kharkiv International Medical University (KHIMU) is 1st international medical university in Ukraine. It is a self-financed private institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Kharkiv International Medical University (KHIMU) is well recognized, accredited and listed in: The General Medical Council (GMC), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Kharkiv International Medical University is approved by the following Medical regulatory bodies:

Medical Council of India

World Health Organization

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA

Foundation For Advancement Of International Medical Education & Research. USA

Texas Medical Board , USA

Accreditation Council For Graduate Medical Education, USA

Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research

American International Health Alliance

Pharmacology department worldwide

Education Ministry of Ukraine

Ukraine Medical Directory

Central and East European Research Database

Faculty of general medicine. The six-year medical studies in English allow students to enroll in the University directly from high secondary school. The first two years of medical school includes an overview of fundamental or basic science courses. The teaching from the third year onwards takes place exclusively in clinical settings of the modern facilities of the University teaching hospitals and involves work with patients. During the last year, students work under the direct guidance of the assistants and instructors with high academic positions in the clinics. 

After the successful completion of the 6-years course of academic studies in the program of medicine, students are awarded a Diploma of completed higher medical education. Graduates are conferred Master's degree along with the professional qualification "physician"- Doctor of Medicine. The possession of that degree enables the holder to practice medicine in EU countries as well as in many other countries worldwide.

Course English medium Ukrainian medium Accommodation

MBBS (MD, General Medicine) 3500 USD 3000 USD 500-1000 USD

Dentistry 2500 USD 2000 USD 500-1000 USD

Pharmacy 2300 USD 2000 USD 500-1000 USD

Preparatory course - 1500 USD 500-1000 USD

The University offers great variety of lecture halls, pharmacy-type laboratories, with modern equipment to provide comfortable academic conditions for studying and research. The University is fully covered with WiFi Internet for on-line lectures with the foreign teachers invited for visiting academic program.

Kharkiv International Medical University first university in Ukraine where you have an opportunity to study on the newest equipment, like Anatomage table – the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education. The Anatomage Table is the only fully segmented real human 3D anatomy system. Students can visualize anatomy exactly as they would on a fresh cadaver. Individual structures are reconstructed in accurate 3D, resulting in an unprecedented level of real accurate anatomy, dissectible in 3D. The Table allows for exploration and learning of human anatomy beyond what any cadaver could offer.

The academic year starts in September and lengths till June with summer and holidays between 2 semesters.

Admissions for international students are opened from March till September. Applicants are welcome to send their documents by email.

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