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Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy

Options: English medium available, Russian medium available, Accreditation by MCI, Low fees, Accommodation guaranteed, Indian Food

Poltava State Medical and Dental University, also known as the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA), is a Ukrainian state-run medical and dental school, which was founded in 1921.


DEGREE: Recognizedworld wide
MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: Ukrainian & English
QUALIFICATION LEVEL: Bachelor, Master degree
TYPE OF STUDENTS: Ukrainian & International students
ACADEMIC YEAR: 2 semesters, including winter & summerholidays
EDUCATION FREE OF CHARGE: Available only for Ukrainian students
HOSTEL & ACCOMMODATION: Provided for all students, separate for boys andgirls
PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT: Is an alternative option for internationalstudents who prefer studying in Ukrainian
SPECIFIC TRAINING: MCI coaching center - available forinternational students


The Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy -  UMSA is one of the oldest leading higher educational establishments in Ukraine, which traces back its history to the Faculty of Odontology, which was established at the Kharkiv Medical Academy in 1921. In the year 1994, by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, it was reorganized into the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy.

The Academy employs 92 Doctors of Sciences, 408 PhDs; 82 persons who have the academic rank of Professor, 226 persons who have the academic rank of Associate Professor. Among the scientific and pedagogical workers of the Academy there are 6 Laureates of the State Award, 10 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 6 Honored Scientists and Technicians of Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Public Health of Ukraine, 1 Honored Rationalizer of Ukraine, 2 Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine.


In 1994, by the decision of the Interdepartmental Accreditation Commission and the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the educational institution was accredited with the highest, fourth level of accreditation.



4080$/year 1-2 years

4850$/year from 3rd-6th year 


4600$/year 1-2 years

5400$/year from 3rd-5th year 

Nursing 3000$/year

Preparatory course 1000$/year


Among the greatest achievements of the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy was approved recognition of Medical Council of India


The Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy conducts undergraduate training of specialists at 4 faculties: Dental, Medical №1, Medical №2, the Faculty of Foreign Students` Training; the Faculty of Postgraduate Education - on the basis of the educational-scientific institute of postgraduate education; training for applying to higher educational establishments - at the preparatory department and the preparatory department for foreign citizens. The medical college has a medical and pharmaceutical department.

The Academy has 55 departments. Clinical training of students, interns and students of the educational and scientific institute of postgraduate education is carried out at 39 clinical departments located on the medical bases of the Poltava region. The Training and Scientific Medical Dental Center, where leading specialists of the Academy provide multidisciplinary advisory and medical dental aid for people from the city and region was created.

The Academy has created a Practical Training Center, which consists of 7 practical training centers, where students of all faculties and interns have the opportunity to prepare for state attestation.

International activities of the University are aimed at integration into the world educational and scientific environment, in order to improve the quality of future professionals and the level of teaching with the help of international organizations and to promote the authority of the university abroad. Students and faculty members annually participate in internship programs and international exchange in many universities around the world.

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