Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a four-year college course recommended for people who wants to have a career in the field of Tourism and Event Management. This course leads to expertise in management of tour-operating agencies, as well as other jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector.

What will students learn?

The courses you'll take in a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management program will help you understand the business, communications, planning and operational aspects of managing various tourism-related fields. Curricula generally begin with basic instruction in the foundations of tourism and hotel management. As you progress through your recommended course sequence, your studies will get more in-depth, covering such specific facets of tourism management as sanitation, safety and marketing.

Specific topics covered in a B.S. program in tourism management include the following:

  • Methods of Modern Tourism Management
  • Methods of Tourist Activity Diagnostics
  • Strategic Management
  • International Tourism
  • Marketing in Tourism
  • Business and Internet Communication in Tourism
  • Innovative Technologies in Tourism
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Quality Management of Tourist Services
  • Public Management of Tourism
  • Project Management in Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Development and Evaluation of Projects in Tourism

Career Opportunities

Graduates apply for employment with restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs, and contract food services. Opportunities exist in hospital and school food service, casinos, clubs, government food service, resorts, fast food franchises, convention centers, airlines, tour operators, and travel agencies. A wide variety of jobs and career opportunities exist within the field. Recent graduates typically start as trainees or assistant managers in food, lodging, and travel operations and progress to managerial positions as they gain experience. Specialized areas such as hotel sales, marketing, personnel administration, and franchise operations also provide employment for our graduates.