How should international student start his / her application?

The applicant must choose the Course and University to study and send the email attaching scanned documents to [email protected] or fill application form

What is the duration of the Bachelor program in Ukraine?

  • The duration of MBBS course length is 6 years.
  • Dentistry, Pharmacy – 5 years, Nursing – 3 years.
  • Economics and Engineering courses designed for 4 years to get Bachelor degree.

What is the medium of instruction in Ukraine?

The medium of instruction is "EGNLISH", “RUSSIAN”

Do the applicants need to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Ukrainian University?

No, it is not mandatory, but applicant should speak English in good command to be able to study well.

Can students pay the tuition fee in installments?

Tuition fee are to be paid full for the 1st year, and can be paid in installments in senior years

What is Preparatory Course and what is it for?

Preparatory Course is a special educational program with duration of 1 academic year (7-10 months). At Preparatory Course students study Russian or Ukrainian language and the special disciplines required depending on the future specialty chosen (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, geography, history).

After completing Preparatory Course student will pass through an examination. In case of a successful passing of the examination, student receives the Certificate of Preparatory Course . This certificate guarantees a student admission to any Ukrainian university. But if the student chooses training in English he / she does not need to study Preparatory Course or pass the exams, he / she enters directly the first year of the degree course.

What is structure of academic year in Universities in Ukraine?

The academic year consists of 2 semester with summer and winter holidays. Summer holidays last for 2 months, July-August, and winter holidays last for 1 month in February.

Are Ukrainian degrees valued globally?

Yes, Ukrainian degrees are valued and recognized globally.

How is the accommodation arrangement and what are the charges?

The University Hostels are available for accommodation and lies between 500-1000 USD per year.

What are the rules to enter Ukraine for international students?

International students from all the countries worldwide must get student visa from the Embassy of Ukraine

What does the applicant need to apply for a student visa?

The applicant must before all receive invitation to study issued from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

How do international student get invitation letters to study in Ukraine?

Bob Trade Education Group is licensed company, authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in order to receive invitations to study and guide international students via admission process, studying and graduation from the University.

What is the Invitation to study?

The invitation to study is an official document, which is processed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It confirms that the student is admitted to a particular University. It specifies your passport details and the full name of the University. This invitation support letter is required by the Ukrainian Embassy to stamp the visa on your passport. Generally, it takes around 3-4 working days for the invitation to be processed at the Ministry of Education and Science. The invitation is valid for 6 months from the date of its issuance and the student need to apply to the Ukrainian Embassy within a validity term.

How do international students arrive to Ukraine and what about customs clearance at the airport?

The student should inform Bob Trade company about arrival date by email, attaching scanned flight ticket and visa page of passport, as the customs immigration rules are strict and Bob Trade must arrange airport formalities in advance and send authorized person to the airport,.

What will be my average month expenses for student life in Ukraine?

Usually the expenses for first month of staying in Ukraine are more than those of the subsequent months. You’ll need about 500 USD for the first three months of staying in Ukraine. This is due to the reason that the student would need to pay the registration charges, purchase items of necessity etc. Subsequently, the average monthly expenses for food are about 100$ -150$.

How do my parents can send me money for my expenses?

Parents can send the money to the student’s bank account in Ukraine by the way of a wire transfer. The student is recommended to open a bank account as soon as the process of registration is completed, which normally takes around 10-15 days. After the registration is completed the student is required to come to the office of bobtrade.net, where one of the representatives would assist him / her to open a bank account where the parents could transfer the money.

What are facilities for student living at University hostels?

Hostel accommodation is guaranteed for each applicant with immediate shifting on arrival. Facilities in hostels are not limited to beds; cupboard; heating; refrigerator; TV-set; bath-room (bath/shower, water closet); bedclothes; table; safe; WI-FI Internet connection over the campus.

What is the cost of International calls and Internet services?

Calls from Ukraine to all over world is approx. 0,01-0,05$/min. 3G Internet / Wi-Fi is available in all Hostel rooms, approx. 5-10$/month

Will my parents be informed on my academic progress?

Bob Trade staff constantly supervises the process of studying and receives information on the student’s academic progress on a regular basis. The representatives of Bob Trade communicate with professors on behavior and progress of our students. The information received is sent by the representatives of Bob Trade to the students’ parents.

Where is Ukraine located?

Ukraine is the second largest country and situated in the south-eastern part of Europe.

What is the Capital of Ukraine and its population?

Kiev is the Capital of Ukraine, which has an overall population of 50 million (UN, 2004 data).

What is one of the major religion followed by the people in Ukraine?


What is the currency used in Ukraine?

The currency used in Ukraine is Hryvnia and the coins are known as Kopiyka. US Dollars are also acceptable. US$ 1 = 25.00 Hryvnia approximately.

What is the language used in Ukraine?

The common languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English, and also Polish , Hungarian and Romanian.