Company History

Company History: A Timeline of Success and Prosperity

Study in Ukraine - , “BOB TRADE EDUCATION GROUP” is a leader in getting admission for international students for Study in Ukraine SINCE 1995.

At Bob Trade we are pioneering a concept of education as tailored to the future - a future in which leadership will be constituted, in equal parts, by achievements innovation and problem solving creativity; by recognition of diversity and inspired self-confidence, – connecting knowledge, sharing intelligence.

The company was founded in 1995*. The first cooperation agreement was signed with Kharkiv National Medical University. Since that time more than 10000 students have fulfilled their dreams and have got the chance to study in Ukrainian universities quality education with affordable price. Presently operating all over Ukraine, “BOB TRADE” company is a leading provider of international students for Study in Ukraine.

Furthermore, we believe that education does not take place solely in class, but all around us both in and outside of the campus. Our company forms not only the epicenter of exclusive economic, business and social pursuits, within which our students can implement their knowledge progressively as it is acquired, but also a privileged geographical location, where European environment and culture conspire to offer endless possibilities for personal growth and achievement.

“BOB TRADE” works to serve the community in all of its endeavors. Through our company we provide direct support to international students and their needs in studying in Ukraine. Among other benefits, “BOB TRADE” also consults services in all sphere of student’s life. In addition, the company was the first who offered high-speed internet to foreign students who lived in hostels.

Its reputation helped to enroll impressive clients. “A large base of students from all over the world is good base for trust. We set the standard for outstanding quality of service and value. Also we cooperate with great amount of Universities all over Ukraine”.

Excellent accreditation status is reserved for the highest quality of service. Company “BOB TRADE” is a leader in Ukraine in access, affordability and quality in the competitive market of the educational system of Ukraine. Encompassing the highest levels of experience, expertise, and ethical standards, team of company “BOB TRADE” initiates vision and innovation.

We have infused this project with all of the expertise, care, enthusiasm, responsibility and hope we believe is needed to ensure the success of any new venture. We are born of today, a today in which the future starts with each new dawn. We place our trust in the experience of our outstanding international students and the faith born of good ideas.

*Authorized license holder provided by MINISTRY OF EDUCATION & SCIENCE, UKRAINE